Updated collection of Leisure Reads at East Surrey

Today changes everything – a collection of books has arrived from the public library service at East Surrey Hospital library.  If you missed seeing Howard’s End on TV or if watching it has given you renewed interest in the writings of E M Forster we also have a Room with a view. We hope this gives you a Zone of Interest….  

If New year resolutions is ahead how about the 21 day body transformation?!      

Other titles include:

A kind man by Susan Hill

From Notting Hill with four weddings – actually by Ali McNamara

Mortal causes by Iain Rankin

For the full details take a look at Pinterest or better still come and browse!

To borrow please bring them to the issue desk during staffed hours and we issue them to you on our computer system. You will need to be a member (we are available to NHS staff working locally and students on placement)

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