Printing & Photocopying in the Library

Update: This system has now been superseded by Follow-you printers which arrived in the library in May 2018.

We no longer use cards – use SASH ID badge for “follow-you” printers or use “Jetty” and use the coin box route (costs are 5p per sheet for A4 black and white)

The library at East Surrey has a new print control system in place! If you regularly use our printers you will now need to purchase a card (£3.00) which will allow you to print or photocopy. The card will keep a record of the credit left on it – each A4 page costs 4p (unless you print in colour).  When printing from library computers you will be prompted to enter a password to safeguard your documents, then at the printer login and print using your pre-paid card. We hope this will improve confidentiality when printing, and reduce wasted paper. Library staff can help or advise further on this.