Previous loans

Are you curious to know what books you have borrowed from the library? It can certainly help with tidying up references in essays/dissertations or it could just remind you of a good book the details of which you are struggling to recall!

On our library catalogue you firstly need to login in using your library membership number – this would be prefixed by ES or ESC depending on which library you joined and the barcode number on your library membership card.

(ES=East Surrey and ESC = Crawley).

You also need you library PIN number which is 4 digits.

If you do not have details about your PIN number or are unsure about your library card do contact a member of the library team.

Once logged in look at My Library Account.

Select Preferences – if this is not ticked please tick it to enable previous loans to be visible.

Select Checkouts. On this page you should then see an option for Checkout History.  Click this and you should see a list of previous loans. It arranges them with the earliest loans at the top so your most recent loans may be lower down the screen.

If the book has been requested for you from another library in our region it will also appear. However, if we got the book from further afield (ie not within Kent, Surrey or Sussex) it will not feature.


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