New Printing Arrangements

We have new printers in both libraries!

These are Ricoh “Follow You” printers which are used in other wards and departments at East Surrey Hospital. If you have SASH ID you will now be able to use that to print off your work related printing – just login on your account using a library PC.

The SASH IDs have departmental printing permissions allocated to them so you would normally have an option available to print in black and white.

If you do not have your SASH ID with you, you can enter your normal login that you use to access your work PC. Your ID works at both libraries for photocopying and printing so we have the same system in place at both libraries.

For non-SASH users and for private printing please use the generic library login. Using the generic library login will offer a “Pay as you go” option which does offer colour printing. This printer is described on your printing option as Jetty 01. Printing is then released when you enter a job number and pay the required amount. The coin box accepts coins only … but does not give change.

Scanning:  if using SASH ID it will email to your attached work email so no need to type in your email. There is no longer an option to scan to a personal email. (Library staff can assist with scanning if you do not have SASH ID)

Photocopying: SASH ID allows photocopying; all other photocopying requires payment.

If you have purchased printing cards previously please visit to check if credit remains on your card which we can then refund to you. (Please note we can only check credit at East Surrey Hospital library).

If you have any queries about using the new printers please speak to a member of library staff.

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