Knowledgeshare – Resource of the month


Our featured resource this month is Knowledgeshare.

This is our targeted current awareness service which keeps you informed about high-level evidence in your field. Whether you are a manager or a clinician, a physiotherapist or a dietitian, a nurse or a radiographer this will support your work and patient care.

We offer this service to all staff, who are members of the library, within the hospital and across the community organisations we serve.

New guidance, policy documents and summarised evidence  would be the type of information you would receive in a fortnightly email. If it is not quite what you want let us know we can adjust it.

An easy way to demonstrate you are keeping up to date in your specialty and great for revalidation!

Sign up here or complete a form in the library. You can also see Knowledgeshare in the list of Resources available under My Athens.

A sample of resources for management/leadership during December 2018:

ReportDeveloping a patient safety strategy for the NHS.
ReportFramework for Effective Board Governance of Health System Quality.
ReportImproving staff retention: Flexible working.
GuidelineImproving staff retention: Key conversations to have with your staff.
WebsitePatient Safety Awards
ArticleEffective coverage as a new approach to health system performance assessment: a scoping review.
ArticleCommunication breakdown in healthcare settings.
ReportBarriers and enablers for clinicians moving into senior leadership roles
EventInternational Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare 2019.
ReportHofstede’s Cultural Dimensions: Understanding Different Countries.